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 A Brady Bunch for the millennium


 Love Enough for All (Copyright 2001 by Lori Zecca ISBN: 1-58851-956-2)

 St. Louis, Missouri.  LOVE ENOUGH FOR ALL, released by PublishAmerica, follows the semi-contented life of Brynna McAllyster, who is not only a survivor of divorce, but also a conqueror.  A warm, fun loving, mother of two well-adjusted children, Bryn chooses not to be a victim of her divorce.  Gaining independence by successfully advancing her career, Bryn maintains a good relationship with her ex and has a fairly active social lifethough what she truly desires is a sense of permanence with a loving, nurturing and devoted man.  Thats when Chase Garson moves into her neighborhoodand into her life.

LOVE ENOUGH FOR ALL explores the trials and tribulations of two single parents (from both a female and a male point of view) supporting each other in a contemporary suburban Long Island setting, Bryn and Chase struggle to balance mutual dependence and mounting desire.  Though having LOVE ENOUGH FOR ALL remains to be seen, as a multitude of heart-rending complications arise, and mounting secrets, misconceptions and infidelities threaten an already fragile bond.

Lori Zecca has come full circlefrom New York based production editor to sales and marketing director she is now fulfilling her dream of writing full-time.  An active member of RWA (Romance Writers of America), and MORWA, the St. Louis chapter, Lori stays busy working on her latest novel.   She currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.


 Editors: For review material, contact Matthew Campaigna of PublishAmerica at authors@publishamerica.com, or the author, Lori Zecca by e-mail at accez4me@aol.com.  Contact the author for any information concerning interviews or any other information.


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