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Mary T. Zecca

February 23, 1919 - July 1, 2000

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

"Boobie" & my son Nicholas


This book is solely dedicated to the memory of my late Grandmother, Mary T. Zecca who had devoted her life to the love and nurturing of our family.
It is my Grans loving ways that enable my own; the depth of her compassion, an amazing capacity to reach beyond selflessness, and do whatever was required of her. Always a powerful source of spirit, determination and survival, my Gran overcame much adversity in her life; always making the task appear easy, hiding the pain that threatened to swallow her whole in order to spare our suffering at the expense of her own.
A loving grandmother without question; her faith in each and every one of us affecting our lives in some meaningful way, never doubting our abilities, always encouraging our dreams and loving us unconditionally were hardly difficult tasks for her the proof of her love was always evident a special twinkle in her eye shimmering brightly just for those of us she cherished.
Never in my life has there been a moment of faithlessness in this extraordinary woman. I am so fortunate to hold her astounding love in my heart. My Gran asked little of me, the gift of my love was enough, though pleasing her was never a hardship for me, and a privilege I miss dearly. I bestow this final tribute to this incredible woman who knew without a doubt that I would be successful in my writing career, but did not live long enough to celebrate with me thank you for loving me, for being my very best and most cherished friend . . . I love you Gran and I miss you so much it hurts.

2001/2002/2003/2004 by Lori Zecca